Can I Touch Your Hair?

I enjoyed this exhibit immensely. I have experienced this myself but the discussion has become even more meaningful now that I have children. I have written about my hair experiences as a parent and about how others possess a sense of entitlement when interacting with them. Many see nothing wrong  with invading their personal space and feel it perfectly okay to reach over and grab their spongy locks.

Check out the link to the article written by Sara Critchfield on on that discusses the exhibit:


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Lauren Velez as La Lupe

I am so excited about this film starring Lauren Velez as La Lupe! For those of you that don’t know, La Lupe was a Afro-Latina singer from Cuba. She was one of Celia Cruz’s contemporaries. Like Celia, she was forced to flea Cuba during the rise of Fidel Castro. She gained fame singing with Mongo […]

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