Lauren Velez as La Lupe

I am so excited about this film starring Lauren Velez as La Lupe! For those of you that don’t know, La Lupe was a Afro-Latina singer from Cuba. She was one of Celia Cruz’s contemporaries. Like Celia, she was forced to flea Cuba during the rise of Fidel Castro. She gained fame singing with Mongo Santamaria and Tito Puente. In contrast to Zoe Saldana starring in the role of Nina Simone, this casting actually makes sense since Velez actually looks a lot like La Lupe. I am not sure when it will air but there is a fundraiser on Kickstarter for it.  If Aretha is the Queen of Soul, then La Lupe is undoubtedly the Queen of Latin Soul.

Here is a link to the Kickstarter page where they raised funds for the movie:

Lauren Velez in They Call Me La Lupe


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