How Do You Call the Cops on the Cops?

How Do You Call the Cops on the Cops?

I am sure that those of you that lived in the Tempe, AZ area back in the early 90’s remember the natty dread brother that travelled around Tempe roller blading around town wearing strange garb and yelling, “stop police brutality!” Sometimes you would see him riding up and down Mill Avenue in his spray painted vehicle yelling into a megaphone while hanging out of his car window, “how do you call the cops on the cops?” I remember thinking, “wow, that cat is strange,” but now those words couldn’t ring more true for me.

When you think about it, his eccentricity aside, it really was and is a good question. How do you police the police? How can we be sure that they are doing their jobs and not abusing their power? We all know that power is never free from corruption, especially when no one is watching.

The increasing attack on men of color in the U.S. scares me. I can’t help but picture my beautiful brown baby and wonder what might happen to him if he were to stumble upon an officer with an inflated sense of power. Could he become the next Michael Brown?

This post is not meant to attack all policemen and women; I am grateful for the officers, like my brother in-law, who respect the law and do their jobs appropriately, but I do worry about those who do not.

Since roller blading man can’t be everywhere, I must say, that I am glad that there are groups/people like Anonymous watching and letting the world know that the police in Ferguson have gotten out of hand.

Check out the most recent post by Anonymous to the people of the world regarding Michael Brown and what is happening in Ferguson.



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